We are parents of a teenage girl.

As soon as she started high school, fascinated by the new world she had entered, our daughter became rebellious, not very dedicated to studying and attracted by what the world had to offer.

Difficult years began, made up of continuous conflicts and battles that affected and brought damage to the whole family. We were discouraged and didn’t know what to do.

One day, a dear friend told us that there was a place in Spain for young people who wanted to get their lives in order, in an environment based on Christian teachings and beliefs. We were immediately interested in the idea and together, with our daughter, we decided that this could be a good opportunity for her.

As time passed, we noticed a change in our daughter. She became more mature. She learned to take responsibility for her life and was encouraged and followed by the staff every step of the way.

We can say that this experience has had a radical impact on her life. And we can gladly say that, today, our daughter is a completely different person. Her experience at Hogar Asubio was fundamental and now she has a new life.